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The Designer Shoe Drama

Thursday, 12 November 2015

It began like a normal day. My friend Abi and I had decided to head to Bicester Village to do some shopping. We arrived early to the designer outlet, eyes bright and purses at the ready.

Our day of shopping went quite well. I was in the market for some new heels; the higher, the better but they had to be sleek and sophisticated - I’m a lady of class after all. At least, I was.

As we wondered into a rather lavish looking shop, I met my love. Tall, dark and handsome. They were black caged heeled boots and they called my name. I set my bag to one side, I removed my shoes. This was it.

As I slipped my foot into the shoes my soles cried out with pleasure. They were perfect. I zipped them up at the back and smiled up to Abi.

“What do you think?” I said.

“They’re beautiful” she replied, a tear glinting in her her. I nodded knowingly.

“I wonder how much they are...” I said, my voice trailing off. Abi found the price tag and gulped.

I laughed and said I didn’t even want to know the damage, as I began to unzip the back of the shoe to replace it on the shelf. And that’s when it happened. The colour dropped from my cheeks and Abi’s eyebrows pulled into a frown.

“What’s wrong?” she said. It was my turn to gulp now.

My voice cracked. “The zip’s stuck”. Abi’s eyebrows flew up to her hairline.

“It’s what?!”

“It’s stuck!” I said in a hushed whisper. A sales assistant walked by, we smiled unconvincingly.

“Kerry!” Abi said, meeting my hushed whisper “These shoes are £700!”

If I wasn’t panicking before, I was now. I yanked the zip again. Nothing. Heat rose in my face. “Abi I need some air!” I said, eyes wild.

“Kerry,” Abi said, looking me right in the eye. “Unless you want to spend £700 on a pair of zip defected shoes, you need to get this thing off your foot!”

I nodded. I knew what I had to do. Forget the zip, just pull the shoe until the damn thing slid off. If the heel broke with it then so be it. Abi planned our getaway route. She pulled and I pulled in the most tragic ‘to me, to you’ Chuckle Brothers episode you’ve ever seen. Eventually the shoe gave in. We heaved sighs of relief and darted out of the shop with heavy breath and a reminder to never, ever, try on shoes you can’t afford.

Friday Favourites #1

Friday, 30 October 2015
1. The Martian by Andy Weir. This book, oh man. (Has anyone seen the film? I haven't yet...) Adored the story line, loved the premise and became very invested in the characters (that space love story!). There were some stab-yourself-in-the-eye-with-a-spoon-boring parts but if you can push past the incessant (and somewhat unnecessarily detailed) problem solving, you'll love escaping to Mars after a long day of people being stupid on Earth. Since finishing this book I've become a NASA nerd. Mum, dad, I'm going to be an astronaut. 

2. Fleur de Force lashes. It was about time Eyelure upped their lash game with something fluttery and pretty and Fleur has done very well with this collection. The corner lashes (mint packaging) are a saviour when I can't be bothered to trim down my usual Demi Wispies. I use them with the Ardell Dark Lash Glue (I get mine on Amazon, best one you can get!) and they do a good job of looking natural.

3. The library (yeah, really). I'm in my third year now *gulp* and trying to juggle that and my itcher Youtube empire is difficult, nay, impossible to do from home. Too many distractions, too many delicious food options, too many Netflix episodes to watch. So now I live in the library. My productivity rockets by 500% and when I get home I have zero guilt in watching TV shows until 10pm. And when other people aren't polluting the air with their stupidity, it's quite the academic atmosphere.

4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Funny, relatable and well written: I'm sold. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the show you need when your plans are cancelled at the last minute and you're just about ready to punch somebody in the face. Jake Peralta is a immature but talented detective and his various adventures will have you chucking your Friday afternoons away.

London Conundrum

Sunday, 25 October 2015
Next May I have to decide where I want to live. So far, there are two main contenders for my post-graduate uprooting. The first is London, the second, Oxford.

London has my heart. It's busy and whimsical and annoying and lovely all in one go and I can't imagine not being there. It's like a boyfriend I have a love hate relationship with: Most of the time I am head over heels but sometimes I want to punch it in the Big Ben for being so loud and insistent.

Which leaves Oxford, the quieter option. Bustling, beautiful and you can walk almost anywhere in central; Oxford is like a calmer version of London. It's packed without being utterly crammed, big but not overwhelming and, well, it's a bit cheaper to live there.

When I graduate, I'm going to eye up my career options and see what crops up. Between you and I, I think London will win. It might be terrifyingly large and densely packed with other rat race runners but it's London.

And I don't think anything could top that.

(Apart from maybe Edinburgh. But I haven't actually been there yet so who knows).

Where have you moved to?

It's here: iPhone 6S Day

Thursday, 15 October 2015

I got the new iPhone.

I know, I know, it was completely indulgent of me and unnecessary, blah blah blah. I wanted it and I am now the proud owner of the iPhone 6S in Rose Gold (don’t be fooled, it’s metallic baby pink).

It is beautiful.

Acquiring the device was a little more of a whirlwind than I had imagined.

I was in London at the time so I considered joining the queue of approximately one billion people at the Apple store. I decided that idea was insanity and I would order it for next day delivery to the boyfriends flat. I was returning home an hour up the M1 on Sunday so when I made my order (on Friday morning) I paid for ‘Before 10.30am Saturday’ delivery.

I figured at worst it would get there at 10.31am Saturday morning and no drama would entail.

How wrong I was.

I awoke on Saturday morning with the excited chanting of a child. “Ciaran wake up, it’s iPhone day!”. I was bouncing off the walls, a rarity for my normal cold, sarcastic nature. But this wasn’t a normal day.

This was iPhone day.

Ciaran left for rowing and I continued to frantically refresh the online tracking system. My driver was out for delivery! He was making his way to delivery number 1! Sound the Apple klaxons, oh what a joyous day!

Then the notification came.

Solemn, apologetic, pathetic: ‘We are sorry but your parcel has been delayed. It’s new expected arrival day is Monday’.

Was this some kind of sick joke? My driver had left the building! He was out, driving around in London with my iPhone and suddenly it’s going to take him until Monday?!

Impressed, I was not.

I called them up. ‘Let me look into that for you’ the kind Welsh lady said before returning back to the phone.

‘Okay I’ve found out why your item is delayed, the courier was actually involved in a road traffic incident’.

I fell silent.

Am I the worst person in the world? Yes, yes I am. I said I completely understood and asked for the change of address so it could be posted to me back home. It was sorted for me and we ended the call.

It was a few gloomy hours later when the bell rang. I opened the door to see the courier – seemingly uncrushed from the accident – holding my parcel.

Whether he was the original courier or a criminal who had stolen the van after the collision, I still have no idea.

I just took the iPhone and ran.

Meet AGA: LFW 2015

Thursday, 10 September 2015
A couple of years ago I wandered into the train station and met two ladies for coffee. I remember it well, the trains had been delayed and it was pandemonium in the station.

As I walked in through the doors, there they were.

The first was Anna, a London based make up artist who I had worked with for a while. The second was Agnieszka, an upcoming designer who told me about her plans for her clothing line. I took an immediate interest in their projects and completed writing work for them both.

Agnieszka just contacted me with some great news: her clothing line has been completed and it's going to be showcased at London Fashion Week this autumn.

I'm so excited for her.

And, as it turns out, this isn't the first time either as she made her debut in LFW14.

I thought I would introduce you to her. After all, half of the joy in fashion is knowing the person behind the label.

So, Agnieszka Klaput. Polish name, if you guessed right, but Agnieszka lives in London, the fashion pulse of the UK (and arguably a much larger scope). She's an artist (restoring architecture, normally), but fashion is where it's at for her. You know when you meet those people who have an immovable passion for something? Well, that's Agnieszka.

She tells me how she thinks beauty rises from the details and I couldn't agree more. Her new clothing line, AGA believes every woman is a masterpiece and the clothes that dress her should be stitched to perfection. When was the last time you heard such a refreshing sentiment?

AGA isn't about over flamboyance, it's about sophistication. What AGA brings to the fashion table is a decadent palette and timeless designs, not pieces that say 'I'm trying to hard'.

SHADES OF WHITE will grace the catwalk during London Fashion Week and with it it brings ready to wear pieces with mouth watering muted colours and the kind of elegance you simply can't fake.

So why am I so on board? Firstly, because I support the creative person behind the idea. And, of course, because you can't create a line of gorgeously crafted clothes in mouth watering colours and not expect people to flock.

Agnieszka, I hope LFW15 is a raging success. Your clothes are the beginning of something exciting.

Photographer: Michal Staniewski

Creative Director: Aleksandra Nowak

Model: Olivia Arben @SW12 Model Management London

Location: The English-Speaking Union London