High End Beauty Haul | MAC & Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury won my heart over when I unwrapped her Film Star Bronze and Glow and Nude Lip Kit on Christmas morning.

They're seriously yum.

I've worn both incessantly since and have been very eager to try out more of her drool inducing make up.

I picked up this make up bag on the classic premise that I loved the quote and so had to own it.

That's marketing at it's finest is it not?

It's larger than I thought which means - hold the phone - you can actually fit your make up brushes in it.

The Magic Foundation came in sample form with my Christmas gifts and it offered a lighter, more breathable alternative to my usual Estee Lauder Double Wear.

The Colour Chameleon is in the shade 'Golden Quartz' and I'm already in love. It was incredibly easy to reply and so far, has not yet budged.

Oh, and what's that MAC item you ask? That, of course, is one of their new liquid lipsticks. I can put together a more in depth review of that when I've given it a proper test run.

What's caught your eye lately?

Meet Poppy: A Yorkshire Terrier Pup


My auntie acquired this pup-fluff this morning. She's 5 months old (the puppy, not my auntie) and is quite clearly an adorable ball of Yorkshire terrier squishyness.


Let me preface this by highlighting that once you enter your early twenties, something terrifying happens.

People your age start producing children on purpose. 

Pregnancies begin to be greeted with congratulations rather than tissues - it's really most bizarre. 

Along with that, your own friends start to dream about the day they produce small snot monsters of their own. Let me tell you that I am not in this camp. 

Babies? Meh, they're okay. Do I want some? Meh, maybe when I'm 35.

Yet when I hold babies people freak out like 'oh Kerry does it make you want one?!'

No, is my answer. 

Every. single. time. 

Your baby can be the cutest thing in the world, but holding it won't make me want to produce one.

The same way you might like to eat at Byron, but if someone said "Ooooh, does this make you want to own a farm full of cows to make your own burgers every day and be responsible for all the cows and to live in Byron land forever more?" 

Of course I don't you lunatic, I want to eat a delicious burger once a day month and be done with it. I don't want the responsibility of owning the damn beef farm.

Cute as babies can be, holding them just feels like holding an oversized grapefruit: it's not unpleasant, but there's no maternal yearning.

But let's rewind to earlier today when I held this cute as hell puppy. I took it into my arms, it nuzzled into my neck and I turned to my mother and aunty and declared:

"I want a puppy"

And that's the first time I have ever held something in my arms and decided I want one of my own.

The conclusion? 

I even prefer baby dogs over baby people.

Hold your horses, we're going back to chatty posts. Also, Kerry's back.

Hello internet. I have a few things on my agenda. Take a seat.


I haven't been all that present on this blog lately. Posts have been sporadic, inspiration to write has been next to none and my third year at university is every bit as soul destroying as Twitter said it would be.

First world problems, I know.

I digress, this bog became a bit mmeh and I'll be the first person to say it.

I know exactly why too - it's because I was trying to write articles instead of blog posts and I can't help feel that it's SO cliche to do the 'I'm changing my ways!' blog post but this is more a warning.

If you enjoyed the more magazine-y magazine type articles that I've been putting up lately then, well, thanks I guess.

But I'm afraid we're going back to chatty posts.

Not all of them (I'll still throw some more considered, opinionated pieces out there) but on the whole we're going back to this place being an informal, let's kick back and relax type blog.

I even put a cute dog in my banner so you knew I was serious about being less serious.

I tried to do the swish I'm-a-posh-magazine-type-blog articles but oh my was it boring.

Like, really boring.

So this blog hadn't exactly left the blogosphere but I did. It was Kerry etc but without Kerry.

And I will not vow to create a posting schedule or to being an uber slick 'follow me on my Mykonos trip' type blogger but I will show up to all the posts I write. Gold star for me.


I just finished watching The Office US and I am in emotional turmoil.


What have you been watching on Netflix lately? I need something to fill the void.


I might buy the Olympus Pen E-PL7.

I have a DSLR that I use for filming videos for work but lugging it around on adventures is  more hassle than it's worth and so blogging photos are few and far between.

I haven't been blown away with my iPhone camera (I have the 6S which is supposed to have an excellent camera #humblebrag) - it just doesn't seem to cope well enough when it comes to taking photos to blow up to blog post size.

I digress.

I want a high quality, small camera and this Olympus Pen seems to to be the go to. It's such a blogger cliche I can tell from a mile off. But if it's a good camera I'll be all the cliche's in the world.

Have you heard good things about them? Do you have one?

How's everything with you? What sort of posts would you like to see a bit more of?

15 Times Pam and Jim Punched us in the Heart

*sigh* Oh Pam and Jim. 

You set the relationship bar too high. 

You left Netflixers everywhere wanting to work in a run down office with minimal prospects, all in the hope of beginning their own Pam and Jim story.

Yesterday I watched the finale of The Office. Yep, cue the emotional turmoil; I came to the end of all 9 seasons with barely any emotional dignity in tact. 

Throughout the series I roared with laughter, I welled up a bit (okay a lot) and I left the parameters of everyday boredom to escape to an office in Scranton.

But Jim and Pam, you ruined it for everyone. 

You began so shy, then cascaded into what was as close to a fairy tale as an can office get, before coming back down and hitting reality (and scaring the life out of us by making us think you were going to break up).

You fell in love with each other and well all fell for you.

Damn you both. But also, we think you're awesome. But damn you still.


1. When Pam fell asleep on Jim and he let out that little smile. Because that's when we knew. We knew, Jim!

2. When Pam drunkenly kissed Jim out of nowhere and we dropped our food and spilled our drinks all over ourselves like 'wait what?'

3. When Pam's mum visits her at the office and Jim overheard them talking

4. When Jim told Pam he loved her. And she didn't reciprocate and we pretty much threw ourselves at our screens.

5. Every single time they high fived. Even air high fives. Because we were so invested by this point that we were even happy for the tiniest of romantic gestures.

6. When Jim abandoned all fear it and they finally, finally kissed for the first time (for real, not Pam's drunken kiss). Also, sorry Roy. But not really.

7. When Jim broke up with his girlfriend after telling her he still had feelings for Pam and he asked her out on a date. Pam's face!

8. When Jim showed us the wedding ring he had for Pam and said he'd had it for far longer than we knew.

9. When Jim proposes on his lunch break, in the rain, at a gas station, because he just didn't want to wait any longer. Oh Jim.

10. When Pam's parents got a divorce and she said this and we couldn't cope.

11. When Jim cuts off his tie on their wedding day because Pam ripped her veil. Hearts = exploded.

12. When they found out they were having a baby by complete and utter accident and they were both elated and so were we and we felt like the child's godparents even though we had literally no connection. Yeah. Tissues. Now.

13. When their baby finally arrived and they were the sweetest new parents we had ever seen.

14. When Pam showed us what Jim had drawn onto a piece of paper. *wells up*

15. When the writers nearly killed us by making us think Pam and Jim were going to break up. But then (after many awkward interactions) Jim hugs Pam in the Dundler Mifflin car park. She's unconvinced at first but eventually she hugs him back and we thank writing gods that their marriage isn't over.

And thank god they made it, because we may have lost all hope if they hadn't.

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