Tuesday, 28 July 2015

3 make up must haves for green eyed girls

Let's cut to the chase. If you don't already have the following items in your already overflowing make up collection, I am actually going to recommend your pop your pretty little self outside and buy them.

MAC All That Glitters eyeshadow. £10 (in pan). Link here

The best £10 you will ever spend on make up if you're a fellow green eyed gal. Makes your eyes look greener without, you know, having to do the whole 'try purple or orange shades!' thing that the pros pull off so well but leave us looking like we have an eye infection.

Just enough golden, neutral shimmer.

Rimmel Lipstick by Kate Moss in 03. £5.49. Link here.

I have three of these lipsticks. Every birthday my friends buy me a back up because my love for this lipstick is directly proportional to my love for pepperoni pizza (you know when it's hot but not so hot it burns your mouth hnnggg).

Reminds me of the Tom Ford nude lipsticks but you won't have to remortgage your house to buy one. Win win.

MAC Eyeliner in Coffee. £14. Link here.

I know you love your black winged eyeliner but hear me out. This works wonders when you draw a thin line across your top lid and half way across the bottom one. You can even pull it out into a little flick if it's sharp enough. Don't forget to do the outer part of your waterline too.

Smudge it really gently with your finger after and BOOM. Sexy as hell eyes right there.

There you go green eyed gals. Now, hence forth with the shopping.


Saturday, 4 July 2015

Internet, meet my new business: Quotebook Co

I adore writing. I'm one of those English geeks who relishes over Radio 4 and videos like this. So when I thought about setting up my own business earlier this year, there really was only one option: it had to be writing related.

And, here it is. Quotebook Stationery.

A5 lined notebook | 40 pages | High quality 90GSM | Pastel pink

"For writers jotters and to-do list makers"

"Here at Quotebook HQ we value the written word so keep track of quips, quirks and quotes in our lovingly made notebooks, each brandished with a positively delicious quote and smooth-to-the-touch pages.

You'll fall in love with writing all over again."

Find my Etsy shop here:

I hope you love them as much as I do. If you want to pick up one (or a few!) use the code PICKME for 15% off your entire order.

Get writing!

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

5 essential steps to better brows

1. Don't get too pluck happy. You know the drill, it's starts off with some harmless brow tidying and before you know it, your eyebrows are thinner than your chances with Ryan Reynolds. Stop it. Put the damn Tweezers down and reevaluate your life. Is this what you want? Is it? Overplucking is a sin ladies and if you have any hopes of getting into heaven, you need to stop. Try using a nude pencil (like the one they said to use in your waterline but it made you look insane) and use it to colour over the brow hairs you want rid of. That way you get a preview of what your brows will look like before you begin the pluckathon.

2. Draw your brows from the arch, down. Don't start by filling in the parts closest to the bridge of your nose. Guess what, that's the thickest part of your eyebrow anyway so it needs far less attention than those thin outer corners. Start from your arch and pull down to define the outer part of your eyebrow before finishing off with the inner part. This stops you from having heavy inner eyebrows and scraggly outer brows. Win.

3. Don't have a pencil/shadow that's your exact brow colour? Ditch it. Life is too short for mismatched eyebrows, girls. Nobody wants to see dark brown brow hairs on a reddy brown pencil base. Find a good match and don't settle for any colour less than perfect. Treat your brow filler equipment the way you treat your dating life - ie, don't just go with the first one you find. 

4. They're sisters, not twins. Your eyebrows don't need to be identical ladies and gents. You wanna know why? Because we have lives to to lead that's why. One of my eyebrows is permanently less on point than the other but I'm not going to cry about it for 40 minutes because I have work to do. Obviously aim for similarity but don't freak out just because they're not identical. You'll end up filling in more and more until it looks like you have a pair of Lincolnshire sausages above your peepers. Ain't nobody got time for that.

5. Practice. Boyfriends are a wonderful specimen. His brows are looking unruly and he didn't immediately scream 'dear god no!' when you suggested you tame them. In fact, he's considering it. Grab your tweezers asap and get to work before he changes his mind. Shaping someone else's eyebrows will help you have a better eye when it comes to your own. Also, men's eyebrow hair is like wire, so it's also a great work out.


Sunday, 24 May 2015

18 thoughts every twenty-something girl has

1. I wonder what I'll look like when I'm middle aged. I'm definitely going to be one of those women who lives in the gym and drinks green smoothies.

2. I mean on one hand I could join a gym now but on the other hand, high waisted jeans. God bless you Topshop Joni jeans. God bless you.

3. You know what will be cute? If I dig out all of my old photos. It'll be funny to see wh- OH GOD WHAT AM I WEARING, NO. NO.

4. I wonder if I can remember my old Myspace login. Let me check. Woah what happened to Myspace? HAHAHA look at my top friends! I hate 50% of them now.

5. Taylor Swift just gets it doesn't she. She just gets it. We'd be such good friends.

6. I wonder what it's like to date Harry Styles. Maybe I can change him. I can make him see the benefits of marriage. Our children will be curly haired and gorgeous.

7. I want a job that involves me, my laptop and a loada freebies. Sort me out, Jobsite.

8. The SCS woman is really annoying.

9. Urgh the Kardashians are so superficial, it's crazy how much money they earn with their pseudo-fame.

10. What time is KUWTK on again?

11. I wonder what I would look like if I had a hair and make up team. Pretty damn fabulous I bet.

12. How much longer will I be forced to look at the mid drifts of teens? Curse you crop top trend, curse you.

13. So tax is a real thing then huh? Great. Marvellous. Lovely. 15 year old me didn't have to deal with this ludicrousness.

14. One Born Every Minute is an irresponsible programme and will be the sole reason for a mass baby shortage because yeah kids are cute but no I am not doing that. Nope. Not even a little bit.

15. How many more days until payday? I need to update my already overflowing wardrobe.

16. Someday I will own everything from the Urban Outfitters home section and my house will be one big Tumblr post.

17. Investment banking looks really fun. I wonder if I'd be any good at it.

18. I wonder how much it costs to train as a make up artist. Oooh there's loads of courses in London let me check the pri- never mind.


Friday, 22 May 2015

Bryon, Waterloo

The Cassidy and I discovered Byron a couple of months back on a recent trip to Oxford. We left with full stomachs, hamburger shaped hearts and a new favourite restaurant. So when we had an evening free we of course headed to Byron, this time in Waterloo.

The menu
The best burgers you'll ever eat, great selection of drinks, good beer.

The cost
Around £10 a head, give or take. My burger (first photo) was £6.75

Perfect for
Date nights, meals with friends. Perfect place to drop by to grab something to eat.

Friendly (but not overbearing) staff, quick service, amazing food

...can only eat one burger at a time?

The food is without fault. The burgers are drool inducing, the meat is perfect and just looking at the photos makes me hungry. The dessert was a good as the burgers and the staff are always welcoming and friendly.

It was packed. And I mean, packed. But the service was as good as ever and I kid you not when I tell you that within 22 minutes of first walking in the door, we had a table full of fresh lemonade, beer and burgers. 22 minutes. And that's on a busy night.

If you're planning your next date night or meal out with friends, head to Byron. I absolutely love it there.


Thursday, 21 May 2015

12 annoying things about the internet

1. The Youtube auto-play feature. Oh you've just finished listening to Taylor Swift? Great, we're now going to play some long lost country music that you will never enjoy. You know what else we like to do? Surprise Justin Bieber songs. Yeah.

2. You can't edit Tweets. Your only option is to delete it as quickly as possible, re write it and hope nobody notices. Come on guys, it's 2015, let me correct my accidental grammar error will you.

3. All those damn Linked In emails. Okay okay so I'm still useless at Linked In. I'll get around to learning the ins and outs at some point but in the mean time, do I really need to know everyone's work anniversary? And every time someone adds a skill? I don't care is Sarah is now trained in PR!

4. Spotify's limit on skipping songs. Limit me all you want, I'm not paying for your premium service. I'm just going to sit here and huff and puff and sigh thank you very much. Limewire would never do this to me.

5. Facebook. Just in general. I don't need to see your baby scan, nor do I need to see the drinks your having at the airport before your flight which you are 'buzzing' for. *eye roll*

6. The ads on 4OD. Honestly have you ever tried to watch something on 4OD? You have to sit through half an hour of ads before it starts and oh, bonus ads throughout the show by the way.

7. Damn cookies. Yes I know you want to track everything I'm looking at on the Topshop website and shove it in my face every time I go to read my emails. STOP OKAY. Because it's actually making me spend money.

8. 'Dearest friend. I hope this finds you well...' NO. If I hear from one more long lost aunt who wants to transfer me the sum of $5,000,000 then I will cry.

9. When you open a Snapchat video but then your finger slips and YOU CAN SEE THE LITTLE CIRCLE GOING DOWN BUT YOU CAN'T SEE THE VIDEO AND IT WON'T OPEN AGAIN WHY.

10. Youtube comments. If you ever want a demonstration of human stupidity, there is your evidence.

11. Spoiler Tweets. Oh gee thanks so much for your in depth analysis of the latest Netflix series. Extra thanks for giving me your thoughts on the twist at the end too, so helpful.

12. They deleted Piczo. Want to reminisce your old website making days? You can't, it's dead and gone.


I went to the farm and this post contains a cute lamb

Don't worry, I'm not going to do that new age hippy thing and tell you to run outsides and roll around in the flowers. Firstly, I am far too apathetic with hay fever sufferers and wouldn't want to encourage such frivolous behaviour. Secondly, that's not what we're about on Kerralina.

But Friday I decided to ditch work (I had a tonne of editing to do and a few articles) and head to the farm.

Sound the fanfare, Kerry's a rebel. 

My friend Shauna and I sped off, leaving my pile of emails behind, and spent the day trekking through grass, feeding lambs and (wait for it) piglet racing.

I gotta say, I love Netflix and Reddit as much as the next person but there's something to be said for free time that doesn't involve a screen. We walked miles and tired ourselves out before eating some lunch and then feeding the animals. As it turns out, I'm quite wary of things with teeth. Who knew. The goats were a little too enthusiastic for my liking and Shauna has a great video of me on her phone of the goat eating out of my hand and me shouting 'I don't like it!' and throwing the food over the metal gate. It's like they say, a lady should be two things classy and fabulous cautious.

As my job becomes more and more internet based, the more I'm enjoying putting on my wellies (these yellow ones, what else) and breathing something other than my Twitter feed.

Did we later that evening go to see Pitch Perfect? Okay maybe, but hey we earned it after an entire day of being country bumpkins. By the way, it's really funny. Anna Kendrick is my spirit animal.

So in conclusion, try that outside place.

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